So far this year we have had an amazing turn out! We would like to welcome all of our new members and invite those who are still considering to join right away so that you can be a part of all the action. There is no time like the present :) 
    Today at our general meeting (9/14) we announced our new project managers for our various projects, as well as our three new Executive Board Members.  We will post their names and related positions soon so that you may become more acquainted with our amazing team. 
    This year is already shaping up to be a big one, full of change and energy as we continually add new members, revise projects and objectives, including welcoming our new Sam Walton Fellow Marcia Klipsch.  Marcia is somewhat of a decorated veteran when it comes to working with the UA SIFE team, including leading our team to the final 4 stage numerous times. We are excited to be working with her again, and bringing the best out of each of us!
    At present we are gearing up to have our annual Business Advisory Board meeting taking place next week on September 21st.  We will be honored to have our BAB members visit us, and share in all of our happenings.  We are very grateful to have such wonderful partners to help us as we take on this year, with a head for business, and a heart for the world!


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