This past Valentine's Day our fearless Vice President of Membership Carley Howell came up with the great idea of creating Valentine's Day cards for a local retirement home as a way of spreading our love to the Tucson community.

         As a team we spent a general member meeting creating beautiful and thoughtful cards from various types of materials.  It definitely brought back great memories of creating similar cards in middle school with craft paper, glue, scissors, glitter, etc....oh the simple days :)

            Spending time together as a team crafting these pieces of art (we try) also served as a great way to catch up on each others busy lives.  This experience was very therapeutic, and it was great knowing that we were creating something that would hopefully make someone's day or week. 


        We hope you all had just as good of a Valentine's Day as we did, it's the little, and big things too that count! Until then...



02/23/2012 11:06am

We all had so much fun this day! Can't wait for another bonding event!


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