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There are only a few days left until the Regional Competition in Orange County and as we count down the days until we are only 15 minutes away from DISNEYLAND (I'll hold back the excitement), we begin to reminisce on past years, former teammates, and, of course our past successes and failures. We feel as though we have grown exponentially as a team within the last 14 years and we can only hope that the next generation will take our efforts into consideration and continue to move forward. 

Enactus, has brought forth not only a new brand but a new organization as well, having been part of this team for the last 4 years I have personally witnessed a lot of change and plenty of ups and downs, but never anything like this, I see a brand new team, a brand new outlook; a fresh take on what could be. This is a team that isn't afraid to take chances; to see the possibilities, take the necessary actions, and put forth incredible progress.  

As we begin to put the finishing touches on the presentation and other details, we realize that we are not afraid to move forward, regardless of the stresses and regardless of the obstacles. We realize that come competition we are not afraid to give it everything we have and bring our U of -A-Game. This is the last regional competition, and we are not afraid to leave it with a new signature BOOM. We are Arizona Enactus.

Taking Action,

Andrea Castillo Lara
PR and Marketing Chair



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