Hello Everyone,
We wanted to share some advice for tomorrow's Business Advisory Board meeting, as well as for the Career Fair. As you may know first impressions are easily assessed and it takes a long time to undue them whether good or bad, especially the latter.  So it is necessary to put your best foot forward, and they should be nice and polished!  For tomorrow's BAB meeting, as well as the Career Fair, you should be dressed in Business Professional.  Although there will be some obvious differences between what will be worn by men and women, the general look should be the same for both.

For Men:
-A nice well pressed suit, preferably dark, and the jacket and pants must match. 
-A nice well pressed shirt and tie.  Here is where you can have a little room for personality, although the colors should compliment each other.  Yesterday I saw someone look spiffy in a peach colored shirt and matching tie.  For myself, today I wore a white shirt with a blue, red, and white gingham print tie.  I must say I got a lot of compliments on it too! :)   
-Nice dark socks, no white ones! Here again you can have some personality by having light patterns on the socks.
-Well polished shoes that match your belt.  I have been told that some recruiters judge harshly when it comes to shoes, especially worn out soles. 
-Well groomed hair, no bed head please. 
-No cologne.  This may be a little shocking but you don't want to over power someone with your fragrance, especially in tight quarters.  Deodorant is  a good thing though, please :)

For Women:
-A nice skirt or pants suit, preferably dark, and the jacket and pants should match.
-A nice blouse underneath, whether it be with a collar or not.  Here is where there is room to show that savvy fashion sense, wearing various types of color and fabrics, but don't let the neckline be too low. 
-If you are wearing a skirt, do not let the hemline be too low either.  If you can wear it to a club, you probably should not try pulling it off at the meeting. 
-For whatever you plan on wearing, do not let it be too tight. 
-Heels are more professional, closed toe and not too high.  I think having heels somewhere below 3 inches is fine.
-It is not necessary to wear pantyhose, a much discussed topic I might add amongst many ladies.
-Hair should be pulled back and out of your face.
-Makeup should be kept to a minimum, the more natural looking the better.
-There is also a rule of 13 when wearing accessories, meaning that your rings, earrings, watch, etc, including buttons should not exceed the number 13. 

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow evening dressed to impress at 5pm, in McClelland Park Room 103.  Food and beverage will be provided, but it would be wise to bring your resume and business cards. 


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